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Script - App Design

Antibiotic resistance is a significant problem in modern medicine and a threat to global public health. When incorrectly or over prescribed, antibiotics become ineffective in treating life-threatening infectious bacteria and diseases. Electronic medicine prescribing resources provide doctors with evidence-based antibiotic guidelines but are often difficult to access or understand when prescribing, particularly for junior doctors.

script antibiotic guideline app design

Concept & Approach:
In an effort to reduce rates of misprescription, a group of pharmacists and researchers from Auckland DHB and the University of Auckland approached the DHW Lab to help develop an educational smartphone app that provides clinicians quick and simple access to antibiotic guidelines at the time medicines are being prescribed.

Script allows doctors to enter clinical information related to a patient’s condition to formulate the recommended antibiotic treatment plan, and highlights any drug reactions or conflicts a patient may have. For junior doctors, Script supports their continued learning of evidence-based antibiotic guidelines and increases confidence in correctly prescribing antibiotics, ultimately leading to reduced errors and better patient outcomes.

Research & Validation
Throughout the design and development process, a number of app prototypes were tested with medical students and clinicians to ensure functionality, content and navigation were designed to maximise ease of access and speed to treatment. Since there is little evidence to suggest the provision of antibiotic guidelines via a smartphone app improves clinician adherence, a clinical trial will be conducted with a number of medical students and clinicians using a beta version of the Script app.

Research Partners:
National Institute for Health Innovation - Gayl Humphrey, Mark Tooley
Auckland District Health Board - Chang-Ho Yoon, Mark Thomas, Stephen Ritchie, Eamon Duffy
Waitemata District Health Board - Kerry Read
Counties Manukau District Health Board - Stephen McBride

Design Partners:  DHW Lab - Nick Hayes, Josh Munn

Funder: Health Research Council of NZ Partnership Grant

Acknowledgements:  Infectious Disease and Decision Support Teams and the other clinical staff from ADHB, WDHB and CMDHB.