Crest Coffee Table

Crest - Coffee Table

The Crest coffee table is a playful piece of contemporary furniture constructed from CNC machined lightweight ply. No mechanical or metal fastenings are used. The frame is held together utilising only dry fit joints, which improves ease of assembly and reduces overall complexity. Optional specially shaped cutouts on the legs of each unit create a unique cable management system.  The radiused triangular table-top creates a dynamic aesthetic, both geometric and elliptical. The Crest is an inexpensive alternate furniture solution that breathes life and functionality into any modern living or working environment.

The project brief outlined the design of a contemporary coffee table. The unit needed to be fairly mobile, sturdy and easy to maneuver. Housing for electronic devices was also vital, including a system for managing power and connectivity.

Coffee tables are more commonly made from structures that are welded and/or bolted together. These products are incredibly stable and strong, but they are also commonly heavy and difficult to assemble. This means they are costly to manufacture, replace, repair and dispose of. Lighter, lower priced materials still have the potential to provide the necessary functionality without compromising structural integrity. The use of a material like pine means the unit is completely recyclable. Modular parts can be easily replaced and updated as the design changes or adapts to client needs. Simple dry fit joints that don’t require any fixings allow for quick and easy assembly and dis-assembly.