Josh Munn is a designer for the DHW Lab with a background in industrial design, completing a Honours of Art and Design at the Auckland University of Technology. His research situated around value of human centred design within the context of current stroke rehabilitation methods, specifically for sub-acute upper-body mobility. Since graduating Josh has worked in range of design roles including internships with local furniture designers Jamie McLellan and Tim Webber, as well as freelance work for AUT, Edge Marketing Group and Southern Cross. Josh’s approach to design focuses on crafting the details with the creative process and needs of the user in mind, using a visual language that provides explanation and understanding and allows for a deeper level of insight into the purpose/function behind a product or solution.

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I’m Josh, a 28-year-old product designer currently living and working in Auckland, New Zealand.

Having spent the better part of my design career in a healthcare environment, I've had the opportunity to see how design can be used to transform the lives of people truly in need. My mission as a designer is to create better experiences for these people through the physical and digital objects I design, products that are simple, accessible and inclusive in every way.

Despite formally studying industrial design, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles, including: UI/UX designer at Healthcare Human Factors, industrial designer at the DHW Lab and Tim Webber Design, assistant lecturer at AUT University and freelance designer for AUT University, Fab Lab, Edge Marketing Group, Kingsway School, Southern Cross Healthcare and Tjene.

Aside from design, I play a number of sports (soccer, touch rugby, tennis and golf), love video games, enjoy playing music and care deeply about equality and sustainability.